Teen Vogue “Haute Spot” Pop-Up Store

Teen Vogue “Haute Spot” Pop-Up Store

Thursday, October 30, 2008 by Wendy Lam


Teen Vogue is taking their magazine to the next level, during the holiday season from November 28th through December 26th they’re set to open a pop-up store called Haute Spot in the Mall at Short Hills in New Jersey. The store will not be selling any merchandise, instead its a chill spot for “girls to relax, try on clothes and drink smoothies — all while marketers woo them.” In March and April, the publication will open two stores to promote prom wear and in August two more locations featuring back-to-school gear.

The stores will offer free snacks, informal modeling, a perfume bar, a makeup station, charging stations for cellphones and iPods, a gift-wrapping counter and racks of clothes. Stylists and attendants at the store will advise visitors on lipstick, shoes and outfits. And, to the delight of retailers, they will whisk visitors to stores in the mall where they can buy the products.

Smart move, Teen Vogue’s target is to sell more ad pages so “they not charge most advertisers to participate in the store. Instead, it was offered as a perk to some top advertisers, while some were asked to buy an extra page or two in the December/January issue of Teen Vogue.” Quite interesting, I may take a trip up to Jersey to check it out when time comes. via NYT / Racked


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