Eve & A by Whitney Port – Available Now

Eve & A by Whitney Port – Available Now

Wednesday, October 1, 2008 by Wendy Lam


With all these new collaborations and celebrity lines happening nowadays it’s hard to keep up with all the release dates, I almost forgot about the Eve & A by Whitney Port collection. Teen Vogue reports that a couple of pieces from Whitney Ports collection is currently available at Kitson. At the moment there are only two dresses on the site which is quite pricey- $345 for a Ruffle Collar Dress and $495 for a Sequin Dress, would you splurge? Stay tuned for the rest of the pieces to release…

The collection consists of 20 pieces wholesaling from $50 to $220, the line is heavy on black, features pops of bright colors, including purple and Port’s favorite hue of pink. She emphasizes on versatility, for instance a hood and giant gold zipper help transform a $195 wool jacket into six shapes, ranging from a double-breasted top with a sailor flap in the back to one with a poufy shawl collar. Also, a $50 slip whose fit can be finessed with adjustable straps and a corset-style tie in the back features a ruffled hem that allows the slip to be worn alone or layered under another top or dress. In addition, a $100 wool skirt is constructed with pins that the wearer can adjust to be a mini or float above the knee.


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