Disaya Autumn/Winter 2008 Collection

Disaya Autumn/Winter 2008 Collection

Thursday, September 25, 2008 by Wendy Lam


Thailand- based brand Disaya, designed by the brainchild of Disaya Sorakraikitiku is my new found love. The wide range of product offered at Disaya suits a large group of women, from young teens to professional and mature ladies. The collection was first presented to the public back in 2005 at ELLE Fashion Week, then her jewelery collection was introduced to compliment the ready-to-wear. When I was checking out the line at the Exposure showroom, I was so happy all the pieces are so nice. The materials and fabrics are sourced from the very best manufacturers in Italy, France, Spain, etc. and it shows through the line. I wanted almost every piece, the collection is very versatile can be worn on a casual day out, a night out with your girls and worn to a party as well. I found a few pieces that were quite Chanel-inspired- especially the short jackets, super cute!

This Autumn/Winter 2008 collection introduces a fascinating collection that conjures up the impression of glitz and glam in the most alluring and captivating way. A preppy style that suggests the youthful innocence, Disaya brings in a twist to the collection that implies the maturity in thoughts and judgment. A floral theme appears throughout the line but with dark and unconventional undertones. The twirl and swirl of petals and leaves are found on the neckline, shoulder, and skirts. Tiered chiffon, silk leaves and handmade rosettes add a feminine edge to the fall collection.

Disaya have taken English eccentricity and added a healthy dose of Parisian chic to create a collection that’s brimming with unique style. Beautiful geometric roses, ribbon roses, spiky thorns and spiraling pencil shavings are printed on delicate silk chiffon and silk cotton. Winter pieces come in heavy wool angora and wool cashmere. Shades of black, grey, white and metallic dominate the collection, with daring shades of deep purple, blazing red, and winter blue creating the dramatic effect.

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USA Stockists: Akira (Chicago, Illinois), Bella Rosa (Los Gatos, California), Bird (West Hollywood, California), Cybele (Coral Gables, Florida), Henri Bendels (New York), Kristol (Los Angeles, California), La Celeb (Los Angeles, California), Leo (Miami Beach, Florida), Pin Cushion (Tuscon, Arizona), and Vine (Los Angeles, California)

Online Stockists: Instyle, Le Black Order, My Catwalk and ASOS.










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