Converse One Star for Target Fall/Holiday ’08 Collection

Converse One Star for Target Fall/Holiday ’08 Collection

Friday, August 29, 2008 by Wendy Lam

Newbury Bubble Bomber Vest in Black $39.99, Buckingham Vest in Gray $29.99, Star “C” Tee in Burgundy $14.99, Skinny Jeans in Black $34.99, Dover Flap Cap in Burgundy $14.99, Double-Buckle Fabric Striped Belt in Burgundy $19.99, Lo Pro Lace-To-Toe Cranberry $29.99

Target is continuing the Converse One Star collection for fall featuring sportswear and accessories for men and women, and footwear. The line expanded to denim, knit dresses, sweaters, graphic tees and outerwear, it also marks the debut of a vintage, rock n’ roll-inspired accessories line for men and women. The collection will be available exclusively at Target stores and at

According to the press release: “For women, sportswear styles are updated with rich textures and unexpected combinations of shine and matte, as well as fleece and cord fabrics, making traditionally athletic silhouettes modern and feminine.  Fall color palettes draw inspiration from iconic East Coast colors of port; navy and varsity red to gold, orange and black mixed with surprising hints of bronze and sapphire. Collegiate-themed, sophisticated logos are also cleverly mixed with iconic eyelet grommets to underscore the One Star signature style—all at an affordable price. Crests on blazers and tees mixed with a casual fleece skirt create a punk-meets-prep vibe.  The One Star women’s footwear collection offers preppy and urban styles to suit any personality — from houndstooth skimmers and wedge oxfords in berry and taupe, to metallic Skidgrip® footwear styles and satin ballet skimmers in fuchsia and black. The line also offers the classic lace-up oxfords in fall’s key shades, and a laceless Glitter Ox for a youthful, rock n’ roll look.”

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Asby Denim Vest in Dark Rinse $39.99, Blackwall Shawl Sweater in Blue $32.99, Olden Satin Pieced Top in Blue $19.99, Clyde Wide-Leg Herringbone Pants in Gray $32.99, Rugby Striped Skinny Scarf in Navy/Blue $16.99, Glitter DX Ox Slip in Silver $34.99

Amherst Cardigan in Gray $32.99, Sequin Tunic in Black $26.99, Pinstripe Satchel in Gray $39.99, Metallic Skidgrip® in Black $34.99

“1908” Striped Crewneck Tee in Black $14.99, Satin Sport Shirt in Black $29.99, Herringbone Cuffed Shorts in Gray $26.99, Crest Pageboy Cap in Black $12.99, Patent-Trimmed Tote in Black $34.99, Satin Dance in Black $29.99

Derby Moto Shirt in White $24.99, Boston Striped Crewneck Sweater in Gray/Pink $29.99, Pinstripe Shorts in Gray $29.99, Herringbone Pageboy Cap with Zipper in Gray $14.99, Long Ribbed Gloves in Gray $14.99, Glitter DX Ox Slip in Silver $34.99

3/4-Sleeve “Converse” Logo Tee in Gray $14.99, Striped Polo in Black/White $17.99, Newbury Bubble Bomber Vest in Red $39.99, Side-Button Denim Skirt in Dark Rinse $26.99, Long Ribbed Gloves in Black $14.99, Lace-Up Oxfords in Black $29.99

Terry Dress in Gray $29.99, Yarmouth Track Jacket in Gold $29.99, Waldorf Peacoat in Navy $44.99, Dover Flap Cap in Burgundy $14.99, Fingerless Gloves in Burgundy $12.99, Lo Pro Lace-To-Toe in Cranberry $29.99

Embellished One Star Crewneck Tee in White $14.99, Carolina V-Neck Sweater in Black $26.99, Striped Blazer in Navy/White $39.99, Front-Buckle Skirt in Olive $26.99, Crest Pageboy Cap in Burgundy $12.99, Fingerless Gloves in Burgundy $14.99, Lo Pro Lace-To-Toe in Khaki $29.99

Rugby Dress in Navy $39.99, Rugby Striped Skinny Scarf in Navy/Gold $16.99, Fingerless Gloves in Navy $12.99, Lo Pro Lace-To-Toe in Khaki $29.99

The Converse One Star fall collection also marks the debut of vintage-inspired, versatile accessories for men and women. Sold exclusively at Target, the newest addition to the One Star roster includes canvas totes, striped neck scarves and bowler bags for every day.

The collection also features more fashion-forward offerings, including fingerless gloves, metallic totes and crested fedoras. Stocking scarves in marigold, royal blue and heather gray can be worn either alone or combined with ready-to-wear pieces for an irreverent, contemporary look.

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