Mossimo for Target Fall 2008 Collection

Mossimo for Target Fall 2008 Collection

Wednesday, August 20, 2008 by Wendy Lam

Leather Biker Jacket in Gray $34.99 (Available 8/1/08–10/1/08), Pleated Dress in Gray $24.99 (Available 9/7/08–10/26/08), Patent Pumps in Gray $26.99 (Available 7/27/08–12/28/08)

While everyone’s “Target” is on the GO International collections, Target‘s ongoing collection with Mossimo has released images of their Fall 2008 Collection. For basics and affordable options, this collection is not a bad choice- pick up something for the whole family as the range includes women, men and children. Some of the pieces are available now, while most releases at the end of the this month.

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Jersey Wrap Cardigan in black $17.99 (Available 8/1/08–10/26/08), Ombre Sweater Dress in Rose Garnet $27.99 (Available 8/31/08–9/31/08), Ruffle Peep-Toe Flats in Black $24.99 (Available 2/27/08–10/7/08)

Satin Trench Coat in Black Plaid $39.99 (Available 8/31/08–12/11/08), Short-Sleeve Banded Tee in Gray $12.99 (Available 8/31/08–10/2/08), Studded Pocket Boot-Cut Jeans in Blue $29.99 (Available 8/3/08–10/1/08), Patent Pumps in Gray $26.99 (Available 7/27/08–12/28/08)

Front-Zip Sweater Jacket in Black $34.99 (Available 10/5/08–11/5/08), Oval-Frame Sunglasses in Black $16.99 (Available 3/6/08–11/30/08), Leather Slouchy Boots in Black $34.99 (Available 8/31/08–12/28/08)

Pinstripe Vest in Gray $19.99 (Available 8/31/08–10/26/08), Graphic Short-Sleeve Tee in Pink $17.99 (Available 8/31/08–10/2/08), Studded Pocket Straight- Leg Jeans in Black $29.99 (Available 8/3/08–10/1/08), Patent Pumps in Black $26.99 (Available 7/27/08–Ongoing)

Satin Trench Coat in Yellow $39.99 (Available 8/31/08–12/1/08), Short-Sleeve Banded Tee in Burgundy $12.99 (Available 8/31/08–10/2/08), High-rise Flare Trousers in Chambray $24.99 (Available 8/31/08–10/26/08), Printed Hobo in Orange/Brown $19.99 (Available 7/20/08–10/14/08), Satin Peep-Toe Pumps in Brown $22.99 (Available 7/27/08–1/1/09)

Bouclé Jacket in Black/Ivory $29.99 (Available 8/31/08–9/28/08), Metallic Bow Blouse in Black/Gold $19.99 (Available 8/31/08–11/1/08), Back-Zip Pencil Skirt in Black $19.99 (Available 8/31/08–10/26/08), Patent Pumps in Gray $26.99 (Available 7/27/08–12/28/08)

Cropped Moto Jacket in Black $27.99 (Available 8/31/08-10/26/08), Pleated Satin Blouse in Light Pink $19.99 (Available 8/31/08-9/28/08), Studded Pocket Straight-Leg Jeans in Black $29.99 (Available 8/3/08-10/1/08), Satchel in Black $28.99 (Available 7/20/08–11/21/08), Patent Pumps in Black $26.99 (Available 7/27/08– Ongoing)

Puffer Vest in Green $29.99 (Available 8/31/08–11/1/08), Graphic Hoodie in Blue $21.99 (Available 8/3/08–10/1/08), Thermal Crewneck in White $12.99 (Available 10/5/08–11/23/08), Boot-Cut Denim Jeans in Dark Rinse $27.99 (Available 8/24/08– 2/1/09)

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