Stash Office Visit & (capsule) – July 21

Stash Office Visit & (capsule) – July 21

Tuesday, July 22, 2008 by Wendy Lam

Stash and Me

Yesterday I went to Stash‘s office with YM to visit and check it out since I’ve never been there. I was shocked at how big it was, its ginormous! Stash and John was nice enough to lace us with some fresh gear, thanks a bunch- it was great seeing/meeting everyone at the office! Afterwards, Jessica recommended to eat at DuMont Burger in the neighborhood, it was super good (review to come)!

Then off to (capsule), saw a lot of friends but didn’t stay too long since there was no AC- I was dripping sweat in there! The Angel Orensanz Center space is really nice, it was my first time at (capsule) so I was doing some exploring. Checked out a few booths, loved the new Nike Sportswear gear for women (pictures to come) and Penfield stuff!

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Stash and John

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