Cubannie Links

Cubannie Links

Monday, July 7, 2008 by Wendy Lam

Matanzas Color Bracelets and Metallic Double Leather Hoops

I’ve been desperately looking for reasonably priced wrap leather/chain bracelets for a hot min already, last week I finally came across these colorful Matanzas Color Bracelets from Cubannie Links. I want one in every color, they look fab piled up, hotness! The jewelry line was founded by a Cuban-American jewelry designer, Annie Basulto, back in 2007. The name Cubannie Links holds sentimental value for Annie. It highlights her cultural roots and identity by combining her Cuban heritage with her first name (cute right?). The jewelry line has garnered celebrity followings like Alicia Keys, Rihanna, Tyra Banks, Gabrielle Union, Kat DeLuna, Dania Ramirez and also featured in a number of fashion spreads.

Cubannie Links first started out as a hobby Annie enjoyed and soon evolved into a business due to popular demand. Believe it or not, nitro:licious first started out as a hobby of mine making jewelry too, quite a coincidence. I had to give up on that hobby because nitro:licious transformed into my new love, blogging and that too up all my time! I still make jewelry for my friends once in awhile but its just for fun now. Props to Annie for all the cute jewelry and the prices are decent too. My picks are the Matanzas Color Bracelets $30, Mama & Baby Pacs Earrings (sold out), Tupac Machine Gun Earrings $28, Coco Knocker Acrylic Earrings $30, Metallic Double Leather Hoops $32 and Coco Knocker Bracelet $30. You can cop Cubannie Links online at her e-shop and

More pics after the jump…

Coco Knocker Acrylic Earrings and Coco Knocker Bracelet

Exclusive Gold Tip Bullet Rosary & Vibe Vixen Cover Rosary Gun and Matanzas Color Bracelets

Matanzas Color Bracelets $32

Coco Knocker Acrylic Earrings and Coco Knocker Bracelet

Tupac Machine Gun Earrings and Mama & Baby Pacs Earrings (sold out)


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