Victoria Beckham to Launch Ready-To-Wear Collection

Victoria Beckham to Launch Ready-To-Wear Collection

Wednesday, June 25, 2008 by Wendy Lam


Victoria Beckham is working it, she’s already got denim, sunglasses and fragrance lines under her dVb label already but she’s ready to venture out. According to Vogue UK she is launching a ready-to-wear collection. The collection is slated to make its debut at the New York Fashion Week runway this September.

“It will be something completely different from what I’ve ever done. I’m just putting it together at the moment, but they will be very upscale dresses and likely will start at around $1,200 retail,” the former Spice Girl and current Marc Jacobs muse tells World Entertainment News.

The designs are expected to be very much in keeping with her own high-maintenance style, she hinted, adding: “I’m going to be using very expensive fabrics and finishes, lots of embroideries.”

Aren’t we all jealous of Posh especially since she owns David Beckham? I await to see how this rtw collection turns out especially with a starting price of around $1200 retail (isn’t that nuts?).


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