Essie Neon Collection Nail Polish

Essie Neon Collection Nail Polish

Monday, June 23, 2008 by Wendy Lam


For those that can’t wait until the Chanel Roberston limited edition nail polishes to release or don’t want to splurge $25 a bottle, here’s an option. Essie released the Neon Collection obviously inspired by the Chanel Roberston colors: Rodeo Drive (purple), Melrose (pink), LA Sunset (coral) and LA Sunrise (yellow), I can’t say the colors are exact since I don’t own the Essie but they look very similar and for $7 a bottle that’s quite a steal. Or if you’re feelin’ all four colors, you can get the full size 4-pack for $19.99 or the mini 4-pack for $15.00. I haven’t seen the collection in stores yet, I am going to order a pack to compare with my Chanel. When it arrives, I’ll do a comparison. The Essie nail polishes are released for summertime hence the names, Short Shorts (pink), Mini Shorts (orange), Bermuda Shorts (purple) and Shorty Pants (yellow).

Which Essie Neon Collection shade is your favorite? Would you splurge on the Chanel or save on the Essie?

> Essie Neon Collection – Singles [$7.00/each]

> Essie Neon Collection – 4-Pack (Full Size) [$19.99]

> Essie Neon Collection – 4-Pack (Mini) [$15.00]


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