Better Bacon T-Shirts

Better Bacon T-Shirts

Thursday, June 19, 2008 by Wendy Lam


Better Bacon apparel features one-of-a-kind designs by kids and young adults with developmental disabilities and all t-shirts have a truly remarkable story. Each item of clothing has a “Hang-Tag” featuring a Polaroid of the artist, a personal statement describing themselves and their creative outlets, and what they hope the consumer gets from the entire experience. The amazingly soft fits are created by these talented artists and reflect the excitement and sense of fun inherent to the Better Bacon name. And even better… all artists gets paid for every single sale, regardless of company profits. The tees are available at now!

Michael Jackson by Tanesa (above) – “I drew Michael Jackson because – to be honest- he’s pretty much my favorite singer. I’m a big Michael Jackson fan. You can tell I don’t draw him a lot. He was younger when I drew him, a child. That’s the easiest way to draw him. I ay draw him again when he is older. I feel the man’s been through so much stuff. Much of it has to do with his father and the news people. He’s got to get over it. I can’t do anything about it, only he can. But I hope these drawings help and maybe show him how he used to be.”

Check the tees out, they’re really cute I love how kids doodle hehe!

More pics after the jump…

Angry Jesse (Jesse is one of the owners of Better Bacon) by Tanesa- “I drew Angry Jesse because he always wants to be upset. He’s not like an angry control freak. He just likes to get wound up. It’s like a hyperness; he likes to be hyper all the time. Like one or two many cups of coffee. He’s usually mellow and cool, but we have seen his dark side. And that’s what I drew. Don’t get me wrong: I like Jesse, he’s my buddy. But he can overdo it a lot sometimes. Oh geez! He barely even combs his hair. That’s just Jesse. The unique side of Jesse.”

Out of Shape Banana by Peewee- “I was taking the Velvet Underground CD cover out, and I decided to draw it. in reality I don’t know why I drew it, but I drew it. I don’t really care so much about the velvet underground cover; it’s more their songs I like. They got good music, and hopefully it would be nice if they put out more music like that”

Daniel’s Rules by Daniel- I did not write these words for personal benefit, but so everyone with a disability could get treated equally. By this I mean that we should have the same sense of belonging as everyone else. They should be loved, respected, and their concerns- as well as their opinions- should be taken seriously. They should be given the opportunity to succeed. The rules are direct instructions on how to help people with different challenges, and they are also written to empower those who are not able to speak up for themselves. Also, if one of the problems of disabilities that I have written about were to happen to them, or to their loved ones, they will know what to do and what to say. I wrote those “Rules of How to Talk to a Blind Person” because I got tired of how people were treating us. I just want people to know that we all have external as well as internal disabilities. However, we may not realize it because we are focusing on other things that are not important”


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