DIOR Vintage Exclusively on YOOX.COM

DIOR Vintage Exclusively on YOOX.COM

Wednesday, June 4, 2008 by Wendy Lam


For a limited time starting today, June 4th through July “YOOX.COM traces the history of the maison Christian Dior with a selection of Vintage clothing and accessories. The carefully chosen items represent the best of the graceful universe dreamed up by the founder.”

The vintage Dior collection was curated by Holly Brubach, a renowned former fashion critic for NYT and vintage expert, she selected these one-of-a-kind pieces from all over the world. The collection will feature a selection of hard-to-find signature styles and classic everyday treasures, items were collected from a variety of sources such as estate sales, private collections and auctions from prestigious houses like Christie’s New York. Pieces that were once hidden in one corner of the world, will now be available to anyone with internet access. Don’t miss out on this rare chance to own some vintage Dior!

> YOOX.COM: DIOR Vintage – 60 Years of Dior Couture


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