LL Cool J for Sears – September 2008

LL Cool J for Sears – September 2008

Tuesday, May 27, 2008 by Wendy Lam

Photography: Kyle Ericksen/WWD

In an attempt to rebuild and generate some buzz to Sears, they’ve opt to follow the footsteps of their competitors to put out a celebrity collection. An unexpected duo, LL Cool J and Sears collaborated on a “collection of casualwear for juniors, young men’s, girls and boys” which is slated to release in September in time for back to school. The collection will retail from $22 for a graphic tee to $50 for a pair of jeans, expect embroidered tattoo on the back of a jacket to song lyrics printed on a T-shirt. The ad campaign will feature LL Cool J along with his family, the idea is “to bring the brand to the whole family”. My initial thoughts, “WHAT THE!” I’m honestly not sure what Sears is thinking, but I hope they done their market research to back up what they decided to put out. This collaboration definitely doesn’t spark an interest at all, well may be because I’m not in their target range. What’s your thoughts?

As for what LL Cool J knows about women’s apparel, the hip-hop artist insists he’s had plenty of experience. “I was raised by a matriarch, I have a wife and three daughters, so I know what women are looking for when they shop for clothes,” he said. “My main concern with juniors is to make sure the fit is right. The fabrics have to feel nice on a woman’s body, but sizing and fit are very important. I know that if she comes in, puts it on and it doesn’t fit, she won’t come back. Clothes have to make a woman feel good, relaxed and sexy. We are going to be constantly looking at fine-tuning the fit and we’ll get it right.” via WWD


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