Christian Dior’s ‘Diorphone’

Christian Dior’s ‘Diorphone’

Thursday, May 22, 2008 by Wendy Lam

Photography via WSJ

Starting next month, French luxury brand Christian Dior partnered with ModeLabs, to release a line of mobile phones “including a miniature ‘twin’ (My Dior) of the phone that a woman can clip to her purse or wear on a pendant (functions like a Bluetooth), eliminating the need to dig through a handbag to answer a call”. The Diorphone which is targeted solely at women will be available in a regular version which will retail for 3,500 euros (about US$5,100) and a “deluxe model studded with 640 diamonds, which comes with an alligator sheath, runs up to 18,000 euros, or about US$27,000”.

The main phone is loaded with subtle branding, from the “cannage” pattern etched into its scratchproof sapphire crystal casing to the icons on the high-definition display screen: a Lady Dior handbag for tools; an oval-shaped mirror for images. All the software, built-in videos and imagery are exclusive to Dior. via WWD

This Diorphone is obviously not for your ‘average’ women, the price is so steep even for the regular version its insane!


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