Good Wood Jewelry

Good Wood Jewelry

Thursday, May 8, 2008 by Wendy Lam


For those that are constantly on the prowl to find unique and cute accessories like me, Good Wood offers custom made wooden jewelry reflecting urban jewelry trends of the past and present. Good Wood started in early 2007 and was founded by Kerri O’Connell, an illustrator turned jewelry designer who personally handcrafts all custom pieces to perfection. Everything is going green these days so drop the bling accessories and opt for a personalized handmade wooden accessory with any personal message instead. You can personalize your name, design, logo or quote and it can be crafted into a multi-finger ring if that’s your desire. I think these wooden rings are quite fun and cute. For more info check out the website, you can also order available designs or contact them for custom order inquires and pricing.


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