Marni Flat Jelly Sandals

Marni Flat Jelly Sandals

Friday, May 2, 2008 by Wendy Lam


Seemed like not much of you guys were a fan of the Givenchy Jelly Gladiator Sandals I put up last time (I sure still like them, but haven’t gotten a pair yet), how do you guys feel about these Marni Flat Jelly Sandals? Besides this neon red pair there’s also a green pair which I don’t like at all. These retail at $159 a pair at Net-a-Porter.

Jelly sandals seems to be getting a lot of attention, I personally love jelly shoes and own a few pairs. I know some of you guys mentioned that jelly shoes makes your feet sweat, but there’s always spray-on deodorant which I find keeps the feet dry when you’re wearing any kind of shoes without socks. I personally prefer the Givenchy pair but this is another option for the jelly lovers. Are you feelin’ these?


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