McDonald’s Britain Uniforms by Bruce Oldfield

McDonald’s Britain Uniforms by Bruce Oldfield

Thursday, April 24, 2008 by Wendy Lam


Ever think you’ll digg McDonald’s uniforms? After Silly Thing tapped into designing McDonald’s uniforms in Hong Kong, it became a big thing. It has even gone so far as being sold on eBay and Yahoo! auctions for high prices and perhaps people trying to get a job there just for the uniforms. When I was in HK last month, I’ve seen McDonald gear and it’s def better than what every other worker is wearing around the globe. They always have the better stuff in Asia!!

Next to tap into this world is British fashion designer, Bruce Oldfield, he unveiled his latest collection for the staff at McDonald’s in Britain yesterday. He has created a range for the fast food giant’s 67,000 UK staff, the range consists of a black and mocha polo shirt, black cargo-style trousers, a black and mocha baseball cap and black belt and apron. Managers will be differentiated by wearing black suits with white or biscuit colored shirts, with the choice of three ties. I still don’t think the designs are that great, doesn’t even come close to being as hip as the one’s developed in Hong Kong. Does this make you want to work at McDonald’s? via The Daily Mail

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