PUMA x STREB Dance Company

PUMA x STREB Dance Company

Friday, April 18, 2008 by Wendy Lam


Prepare to be amazed by the physical phenomenon that is STREB, the dance company featured in PUMA’s Spring/Summer SportLifestyle campaign. The founder and legendary choreographer, Elizabeth Streb, coins the studio’s unusual technique “PopAction.” This untraditional art form draws upon things like dance, extreme sports, boxing, the circus, and Hollywood stunt work. As if this wasn’t enough, STREB also uses daring and strict precision to display the effects of ‘pure movement.’

Tucked away behind the main screen on PUMA’s homepage, you will find your backstage pass to a STREB performance where PUMA gear gets put to the ultimate test. STREB dancers found PUMA footwear and apparel to be the perfect fit in complimenting their “PopAction” style of dance. Together with PUMA, STREB combines unique movements and bold colors to create a futuristic feel.

Go behind the scenes with PUMA and STREB at www.puma.com/pindex.jsp?p=pageflip


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