Balenciaga vs. Steve Madden – F’07 Runway Shoes

Balenciaga vs. Steve Madden – F’07 Runway Shoes

Wednesday, April 16, 2008 by Wendy Lam


We all knew it would be coming sooner or later, Steve Madden just released two new Balenciaga inspired styles. The Steve Madden Bukled, $99.95 is knocked off of Balenciaga’s F’07 Opened Toed Cage Sandals with Ankle Pads, $4,175 – the sandals are not exactly the best copy but it’s a quick fix for those who wanted the “Lego” shoes. There’s also various different colors in this style if you’re interested. I’m still luvin’ the originals, sigh!


The second style is this season’s very popular open toe lace up boot, the Steve Madden Bombb, $149.95 is knocked off of Balenciaga’s F’07 Open Toe Lace Up Leather Boots, $4,175 – I really like this style myself but it’s impossible to splurge $4,175 on a pair of boots! These are also available in various colors as well and both styles are now available for pre-order and is said to be shipped no later than June 29th. I was quite surprised, well I shouldn’t be – but I was when I received Steve Madden’s email in my inbox. You guys decide for yourself…

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