Harajuku Lovers Frangrance Collection by Gwen Stefani

Harajuku Lovers Frangrance Collection by Gwen Stefani

Friday, April 4, 2008 by Wendy Lam


Gwen Stefani to launch Harajuku Lovers fragrance collection with Coty this fall,there will be five different fragrances created in doll scent bottles. The five fragrances represents Gwen Stefani and her four backup singers, Love, Angel, Music and Baby. The scents are all inspired by Gwen’s views of her backup singers. Love is described as “sweet, caring, free-spirited and always off in her own little world.” Lil’ Angel is “constantly looking out for others,” but is no saint. Music is “always looking to make someone laugh” and is “charismatic.” Baby is “enticing in her frilly innocence.” And G (Gwen Stefani) is the leader of the pack. The scents will each be available in two sizes: $45 for 30 ml. and $25 for 10 ml. via WWD

I really like the doll bottles, they look great for display I’ll probably be getting the whole set.


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