Macau Trip Day #1: 03.07.2008

Macau Trip Day #1: 03.07.2008

Tuesday, March 11, 2008 by Wendy Lam

March 7, 2008 – Macau, Hotel Lisboa

The day before Carla and Thomas’ wedding, B and I took the ferry to Macau to prepare and chill. Checked into Hotel Lisboa, complimentary of Carla and then ate a quick lunch at Edo Japanese Restaurant (I think that’s the name) in the hotel, we were starving! After lunch, I followed Carla’s Macau Guide she wrote for me (she’s born in Macau) and headed to Ruins of St. Paul’s to do some sightseeing! As we were walking down to the Church there were tons of souvenir shops, mostly the famous Koi Kei Bakery, there’s a billion of them with famous Almond Cookies, Pork Jerky and other snacks for tourists to purchase home – they offer tasting too (free of charge)!

After a long day of sightseeing and walking, we had a quick dinner then met up with Carla, Thomas and their family for a rundown of the wedding. I was so happy to see Carla, haven’t seen her for about a year, I miss her already! I took a lot of pics but here’s a quick preview of my day at Macau. Stay tuned for her wedding pics, I will post my dress and her dresses, so please be patient haha.

Rundown of day:

  1. Hong Kong to Macau
  2. Hotel Lisboa – Macau
  3. Edo Japanese Restaurant @ Hotel Lisboa (lunch)
  4. Koi Kei Bakery
  5. Sightseeing: Ruins of St. Paul’s
  6. Pou Chi Lam Restaurante (dinner)
  7. Met up with Carla for rundown of wedding

Peep the pics after the jump…

Arrived at the Hong Kong – Macau Ferry

Took the TurboJet to Macau…

Didn’t eat lunch so ate a Beef Instant Noodle on my way there, it took 1 hour to get to Macau.

Arrived at Hotel Lisboa…


Headed up to my room…

Black Sweater: Nom de Guerre
Black Legging: American Apparel
Black Patent Flats: Hong Kong local brand, just bought it the day before
Red Bag: GAP x Mulberry
Heart Necklace: H&M
Sunglasses: Chanel

More pics on page 2…

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