Comments Confusion

Comments Confusion

Friday, February 1, 2008 by Wendy Lam


First off I loveeeeeee comments, I read each and everyone of them! I always see the certain “few” individuals dropping a line, I totally appreciate it but where’s everyone else? Don’t be shy, hit your gurl up and let’s communicate. Are my topics boring you guys? ­čÖü What is it? Tell me, please…

Anyways, the main reason for this post is because I’ve noticed a lot of people getting confused on how comments work on nitro:licious. All comments are moderated to ensure there won’t be any flame wars going on here and that’s just the way I like it. So unless I’m by a computer “approving” the comments your comments will not be seen by others but yourself and I.

How to read comments (please see above image), your comment is on top and your name (posted by:) is under. Many people get confused and leave several comments saying their comments went under another person’s name when they are just reading it wrong. Hopefully this will help clear the air a bit.

Please do not promote your blog, website, online store, myspace page, etc. on the comments section. You can list it under the URL section when you’re filling out the form to leave a comment (next to the E-mail box). But please do not link it in your comment area, if you do not have a URL then┬áleave it BLANK – you do not need to put, donthave1, none, n/a. The section is not required to leave a comment.

I think I’ve covered all the “confusions” I’ve seen on this blog – if there’s anymore let me know.


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