Kira Plastinina – Coming Soon to NYC

Kira Plastinina – Coming Soon to NYC

Wednesday, January 23, 2008 by Wendy Lam


While on my mini family trip with my family this past weekend, I was catching up with my lil cousin, a 16-yr old. My cuz asked me if I heard of Kira Plastinina, a 15-yr old Russian girl that will soon have her own store in NYC. I’ve heard of her but haven’t really took notice, yesterday I finally took notice and read the article posted on WWD. Don’t take Kira Plastinina as a joke, she already has 40 stores across her native Russia, two in the Ukraine and two more opening in the U.S. (NYC and LA) in April. Her clothing is like Forever 21 meets H&M – clothing at affordable prices with lots of pink. The brand’s target age is 14 – 25 yrs old, in an age group she belongs in. I actually think her stuff is cute, I anticipate to check out her clothing when the store opens in NYC (on Houston Street and Broadway).


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