An Inside Look of Mango

An Inside Look of Mango

Tuesday, November 27, 2007 by Wendy Lam

561 Broadway
New York, NY 10012

Mango has finally opened its doors in Soho this past week and I’ve been anticipating this shop since I’ve seen the posters plastered all over their construction site. I’ve first learned about Mango when I visited HK, the store sorta remind me of Zara (I’ve heard they are sister stores, can anyone confirm?), I quite like this brand.

Instead of shopping deals on Black Friday, I’ve decided to stop by Mango after lunch to get a glimpse at the store and their new collection. To my surprise nothing in the store really sparked my interest, which is a good thing since I’m kinda ‘closet dieting’! The store is staged like a runway with models strutting poses, pretty kewl since they can actually transform it into a runway when they debut their next collection. There are also rows of Asian chairs for those that are just waiting, ahem usually the men (and a selected few women). Hopefully, their next range will be better, everything seems to be cloned from one store to another – getting kinda boring.

Take a peek inside the store after the jump…


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