Outfit 11.19.2007 ~ Grey Day

Outfit 11.19.2007 ~ Grey Day

Monday, November 19, 2007 by Wendy Lam

Diana, me & Sharon

My allergies has gotten the best of me since last week, I started coughing (still is) – its so annoying! I felt like crap the whole day at work and couldn’t wait to get off, met up with my old friend, Diana and met a new one, Sharon (nice meeting ya – well for the 2nd time haha). Went to dinner at Dos Caminos Soho, the food was pretty good (review to come haha). Had a nice chat with both of them, we def need to get together again soon!

Finally, I live up to the “Rockin’ Today” category haha, I’m always a day or two late on the outfit posts. Perhaps I should change it to “Rockin’ Yesterday” haha…


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