Hong Kong Station – 10.20.2007

Hong Kong Station – 10.20.2007

Wednesday, November 14, 2007 by Wendy Lam

Hong Kong Station
128 Hester Street
New York, NY 10002

The Scene
There is something to be said for the fast and furious feed, and no one appreciates this more than the owners of this snappy noodle shop. In a slick-for-Chinatown setting, Hong Kong Station ups the ante on speed and customer satisfaction, inviting its time-pressed patrons to customize their orders with all manner of optional add-ons, and by serving these made-to-measure meals-in-a-bowl cafeteria style. First, choose a cooked-to-order noodle—fresh or dried, egg or rice. They’re all springy and delicious, just resilient enough, while the all-purpose chicken broth is rich and flavorful. As for the add-ons—there are no signs to guide you, so you can play it safe and point at what looks familiar (Chinese broccoli, turnips, shiitake mushrooms, chicken wings), or take a chance on what doesn’t (beef stomach, chicken gizzards, pig’s blood). Everything’s a dollar a pop, so the financial risk is negligible, and for every experiment gone awry you just might discover a new obsession—like the curry fish balls, six to an order, slightly spongy bite-size nuggets that give the soup a nice layer of heat. The house curry sauce can right almost any wrong, and refreshing drinks like honey water and red-bean ice let you end your soup adventure on a sweet note. — Rob Patronite and Robin Raisfeld, NYMag.com

Hong Kong Station is actually a station (train) in Hong Kong, this point and pick your choice of “toppings” restaurants has its seeds scattered all over Chinatown. Go there for a quick and cheap meal to fill your empty stomach. The food is decent, after you choose what you want you find a seat – the place gets really packed during lunch! I’ve been there twice and would go back for a fast meal! Peep the pics after the jump…

Butter & Condensed Milk Toast $1.00

Hong Kong Special Soup “Woon Jai Chi”

Sticky Rice $2.50


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