Outfit 11.10.2007 ~ Kathy’s B’Day Dinner & Party!

Outfit 11.10.2007 ~ Kathy’s B’Day Dinner & Party!

Monday, November 12, 2007 by Wendy Lam

B’day gurl – Kathy in hot pink, whooooa sexy mama! heehee!

After dim sum with my mom and B on Saturday, B came over to my crib to catch up on the latest episodes of Prison Break Season 3 and Heroes Season 1 (I’m behind!). It’s nice to stay in once in awhile, I missed my bed dearly – I’m at work so much! Then went out for my ma, Kathy’s b’day dinner at BLT Fish Shack, the food was ok only. Even though I’m obsessed with fried food, it was a bit too much for me and all of the girls. After dinner, we headed up to Pasha for the afterparty – the weirdest thing happened while the lady searched me…she found eyedrops in my bag and asked me to drip it in my eyes to make sure it really is eyedrops haha! I was like, “Are you serious, haha?!” It was my first time, quite funny – at least they know it aint no drugs right? Happy early b’day ma, luv ya! More pics after the jump…

What I ate… 

New England Clam Chowder (bowl) $9 – too watery!

Fish, Shrimp & Chips Combo $18 – the shrimp was REALLY GOOD, I wanted the Surf & Turf but it was sold out :(!

me, Myhoa, Stacy, Valaya, Kathy and Doris

Doris, Me & Susanna wanted to be superstars haha – we can be DSW LOL that’s the shoe store…hmm!

At the afterparty!

me & Valaya was twins for the night…sequins rule!

time to goooooooo…Stacy snapped this pic of me, kinda like it haha!


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