PUMA x W HOTELS Mongolian Shoe BBQ

PUMA x W HOTELS Mongolian Shoe BBQ

Friday, November 9, 2007 by Wendy Lam

With Mongolian barbeques, the question isn’t always chicken or beef. Now that Puma and W hotels have teamed up to launch a Mongolian shoe barbeque, it’s also a question of leather or suede, red or purple, as W Hotels guests now have the opportunity to create their own custom-made Puma shoes in the privacy of their rooms.

Inspired by the tradition of creating personalized meals from a variety of ingredients, Puma’s collection for W Hotels enables guests to become involved in the art of shoemaking; they can pick from a wide assortment of pre-cut materials to design their own individualized pair of shoes. Unique accoutrements, including special W shoelaces and insoles, add to the ultimate practical souvenir. The concept launched at Puma stores in 2005 but a portable tray of options has been created especially for easy room delivery, which W’s exclusive Whatever/Whenever concierge service will transport. After selecting a desired combination, guests can go online and order their shoes at www.puma.com/whotels. The site will launch on November 14th, marking the start of the one-year collaboration between W Hotels and Puma. Prices begin at $100 and guests will receive their customized kicks within six weeks of ordering.


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