Fuel For Life Factory by Diesel

Fuel For Life Factory by Diesel

Friday, October 26, 2007 by Wendy Lam

My version of the Fuel For Life Perfume – courtesy of Diesel (thanks Mathieu)!

Diesel opens the first perfume customization shop – limited to 20,000 units. Where perfume is concerned, the rules would like people to be limited to one possibility: one fragrance, one bottle, one universe. With the creation of the Fuel For Life Factory website, Diesel perfumes explore the world of customization by offering a genuine online personalization experience. Everyone, man or woman, can now express their style by dressing the bottle which encases the sexy and energetic elixir. A way for Diesel to invite the internet user to express their personality and membership of the Diesel community, a generation of hedonists for whom anything goes.

The sounds of the tools animate an assembly workshop hidden right in the centre of the city of Paris. A pouch is in the process of being produced. Cutting the cloths, laser engraving the logos and finally attaching the thin strap. As always at Diesel, the object is a unique production where detail is everything. Nothing is left to chance in the creation process: with patience and great attention to detail, the craftsmen assemble the pieces according to the requirements of each user. And so that the creation becomes a legend, only 20,000 products will be customised in this short-lived shop.

The website is very user-friendly within a few steps you can create your own “outfit” for your Diesel Fuel For Life Perfume! How cute!

Fuel for Life Masculine or feminine, a unique perfume to be customized at:

  • 150,000 possible combinations
  • Choice of 10 colors for the leather pouches, 10 shades for the leather strap and 10 laser engraved designs.
  • Limited Edition of 20,000 products
  • List of distributing countries: France / Germany / Italy / Spain / Austria / Finland / Ireland / Portugal / Netherlands / United Kingdom / United States / Canada
  • Price: $129 in the United States and Canada
  • Visit www.diesel-parfums.com/factory to customize your own 

The experience begins looking at screen: Fuel For Life for Him or Fuel For Life for Her?

Then ten colors for leathers for the pouch and the strap, a logo to be chosen from twelve options. What to choose? There are more than 150,000 possible combinations offering the user the chance to personalize the pouch for his/her Fuel For Life perfume. In just a few clicks, Diesel gives him/her the opportunity to design and dress a perfume in his/her image. Never before has a customization experience been so comprehensive for a perfume.  All that remains is to wait a few weeks to receive your exclusive version of the perfume, and finally take over the story of Fuel For Life.

Customize your own at: www.diesel-parfums.com/factory.


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