Pho Bang Restaurant – 09.21.2007

Pho Bang Restaurant – 09.21.2007

Thursday, October 18, 2007 by Wendy Lam

Pho Bang Restaurant
3 Pike Street
New York, NY 10002

The Scene
Very very old school Pho Bang restaurant, been there for ages! I used to always eat at this restaurant with my big bro on the weekends and I always passby whenever I go to the post office.

I haven’t been to this Pho Bang Vietnamese joint for a hot min, there’s way too many cuisines and restaurants in the LES and Chinatown to go to nowadays. A few Saturdays ago, me, my bro, B and Shawn was having a hard time figuring out what to have for lunch so we drove around and passed this old school spot. My bro remembered the food was really good there, we decided to lunch there. The restaurant still looks the same as it did, very rundown and you know very old haha. The thing that changed about this spot is the service, very POOR service, service that we’ve NEVER experienced before. After we placed our orders, they brought one the wrong meal for B so they had to exchange it and to make matters worst the table across from us experienced the same thing! I mean, how can you constantly take the wrong order? Then we excused the waitress on that mistake, my bro wanted to order a Soda Xi Muoi (Salty Plum Soda) and waitress had the nerve to say, “I can’t make that for you, I am the only one working the front so I have no hands to do it now. If you order a Coke I can bring that to you, but if I need to make it, can’t do it.” We all looked at each other and was in awe, WTFFFFFFFFF kinda service is that? Never in all these years I’ve heard that a waitress can not grant a request that is reasonable for the customer. We all decided that we will NEVER go back to this restaurant ever again! Beware of rude people there!!! I wasn’t going to blog about this spot but I had to make all you guys recognize so you guys don’t get mistreated, there’s plenty of other Viet joints you can enjoy and not have to take crap from. Hello you’re paying for food and service, not attitude! Anyways, peep the pics after the jump…

Cha Gio Vietnamese Spring Roll

Me: Bun Thit Heo Nuong Grilled Pork On Rice Vermicelli

Bean Sprouts for the rice vermicelli…

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