Georgia’s Eastside BBQ – 09.19.2007

Georgia’s Eastside BBQ – 09.19.2007

Wednesday, October 17, 2007 by Wendy Lam

Georgia’s Eastside BBQ
192 Orchard Street
New York 10002

The Scene
A no-frills roadhouse picnic vibe is achieved without the aid of (liquid) smoke and mirrors–just a few family photos, a mounted fish, checkered vinyl tablecloths and raw-wood wainscoting. The friendly, causal service makes diners feel right at home, and the 19 seats invite neighborly interaction. – CitySearch

Vicki and I have been debating on where to eat for my early b’day dinner (my 1st b’day dinner of the year haha), we wanted to stay in the LES since we both lived in that neighborhood. After several searches we decided to try Georgia’s Eastside BBQ, the restaurant is very cozy and small and if I didn’t remember wrong there were only 3-4 tables for dining. Other than our table, there were only one other table with customers. My Rib Dinner was very very ordinary but the portion was huge, big enough to fill two hungry people! I barely touched my dinner, eating just about 4-5 ribs and I was full, it was a bit too dry for me, I did like my beans – I wasn’t totally satisfied with my dinner. Vicki had the Fried Chicken Dinner, she told me the chicken was over-fried and was way too dry too. The cornbread she had looked like they dipped/fried it in oil but she did like that. The fries were ok only too. I might give this spot another try but I don’t have super high hopes in this spot becoming one of my hotspots! Thanks for dinner again Vicki! Peep the meal after the jump…

Rib Dinner covered in Georgia’s secret spice rub – these baby-back ribs are slow cooked for hours until the meat falls right off of the bone. they are served hot off the grill with our signature bbq sauce $17.00

Fried Chicken Dinner our seasoned buttermilk fried chicken speaks for itself. if you like fried chicken, this is a Georgia’s eastside must $13.00

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