Outfit 10.13.2007 ~ Su’s B’Day Dinner

Outfit 10.13.2007 ~ Su’s B’Day Dinner

Monday, October 15, 2007 by Wendy Lam

Valaya, Jennifer, Stacy, Daisy, Kathy, Susanna, me, Doris, Myhoa and Cathy

This past Saturday, went out for one of my BK Gurlz b’day dinner at Tamarind (no review, got a bit lazy to take pics) – the food was ok only. It’s getting pretty chilly out but I was actually looking forward so I can rock my boots! Worn these vintage red over-the-knee boots once last year and had to put them away, finally had a chance to rock them for the second time! This will not be the end of these red hotties, I luv them to death! Had a great time with my gurlz as usual, more pics after the jump…

The early comers…Stacy, Cathy, Kathy, Doris, Valaya and me.

After dinner – Bottom: Valaya, Stacy, me, Jennifer, Kathy and Cathy | Top: Doris, Susanna, Myhoa and Daisy.

Finally, can’t end the night w/o a full shot right?


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