DIY #2 – DIY Louis Vuitton Feather Bracelet

DIY #2 – DIY Louis Vuitton Feather Bracelet

Tuesday, October 9, 2007 by Wendy Lam

Louis Vuitton vs. DIY Feather Bracelet

Photograpy & Written by: Kerin Rose

I love crazy, outlandish, costume couture, but I also love having enough money to eat, and you know, pay my rent. So for this DIY, my young, fabulous, and broke compatriots, I’m showing you how to DIY Louis Vuitton (say what?!). I saw this stellar LV feather bracelet in a number of fashion editorials and it made my inner glamazon cry. Then I realized it would set me back over two grand, and I cried even harder.  Until I realized: Hey, I can Do It Myself. So I did – and now you can to!

Check out the steps after the jump…

You’ll need to have a few things:  a pair of scissors, a pair of identical flat bracelets (plastic or metal will work, I picked mine up for less than $3 at H&M), a foot of connected feathers (the hardest to find; can be purchased at a trimming store, crafts store, and any millenary supply store. Shouldn’t run more than $10) and my very favorite: E6000 adhesive, available at any craft store worth its weight, for $3-$5.

The first step is easy, but takes patience:  you have to place a bit of glue on one side of one of the bracelets in one inch increments. Take your strand of feathers, line the bottom of the feathers up with the inner edges of the bracelet, place on the glue, and hold. Wait until the glue has dried a bit (a few minutes) and move on to the next inch until the entire bracelet is covered. Cut off the extra feathers, and boom. Hardest part is done.

I know it sounds kind of annoying, but it’s not that bad. This entire process should take about as much time as one Sex and the City episode on DVD, give or take, and is a much more constructive activity for your hands than ripping open that gigantor bag of M&Ms and seeing how quickly you can get to the bottom, right? Once you’re done lay the bracelet down, feather side up, on a piece of paper (wax paper if you can find it!) and let it dry for a few hours/overnight.

When you’re done you’ll have something that looks like the above, and you’re almost done. If you let the bracelet dry on paper there’s a possibility you’ll have some excess glue that has stuck to the paper – you can peel this off with your nails if you’re clumsy, or a straight edge razor if you promise not to cut yourself!

Now for the easy, and final part! Take your 2nd bracelet and put glue on one side.  Glue side down, place the bracelet on top of your feather delight, let it dry for an hour and POW!

You’ve got yourself a DIYLV! A Do It Yourself Louis Vuitton. And all it cost you fifteen bucks and an evening in front of the TV. Suck on THAT Jason Preston!

And it’s hella wearable, too. I’ve already worn mine to the opera. And to the grocery store. And while lounging around in my PJs, ripping open that gigantor bag of M&Ms and seeing how quickly I can get to the bottom – idle hands, y’all!
Which reminds me: What would you like to see as your next DIY? How To Miu Miu Shoes? How To Cover your Cell in Crystals? Comment below and let me know! And of course, feedback always welcome.


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