H&M Disses Blogs!

H&M Disses Blogs!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007 by Wendy Lam

Ouch, what I just read in the new issue of the H&M magazine has surely made me annoyed. The “dashed-off copy, blurry digital photos and zero knowledge” is what makes blogs interesting and different from print magazine, if readers were looking for professional shot pictures and excellent copy they would purchase a copy of Vogue. I a bit disappointed at H&M and they should feel ashamed for what they said about blogs, we don’t make up for all their sales but we give them FREE exposure and I’m sure we make up a good percentage of their sales. I’m on the same page as StyleBytes, I blog about H&M without any incentives and never thought of receiving anything in return. H&M is my obsession and as conceited as I may sound I think with my blog has given a great deal of FREE advertising and a good amount of sales to H&M. How do you guys feel about this?


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