NORT x Diet Pepsi – Premium Good Party

NORT x Diet Pepsi – Premium Good Party

Friday, September 7, 2007 by Wendy Lam

me & DJ AM (Photo courtesy of YM)

I was debating whether or not to go out last night and I’m sure glad I did. Went to the NORT x Diet Pepsi – Premium Good Party last night and had a great time. The party was bumping and I swear that place was over capacity by the time I got there haha! Saw and met a bunch of dope people and of course didn’t miss out on photo ops! Like Jessica says, “It was a Diet Pepsi filled gray carpet event. I’m going to have AM’s baby. The end.” Haha Jessica is too cute! More pics over at Freshness…Bigups to Stash!

If you weren’t there and want the limited edition NORT x Diet Pepsi – Premium Good bottle, bid here!

I stayed for a hot sec, then headed to Chinatown Brasserie to grab a bite with YM, Hawaii Mike and Mimi. Called it a night after, peep the pics after the jump…

Diet Pepsi bottle designed by Stash

I see Jason Markk was secretly collaborating with NORT!

There’s more out in the alley…damn!

Waddup Louis!!

Mimi & Hawaii Mike was chillin’ out in the alley! It was great meeting you Mimi!

Back to NORT/Recon – YM with Stash…

Jason MarkkRic – great meeting you guys too!

me & Jessica – one of my bitches haha! (Photo courtesy of YM)

Mimi & I getting ready to go din din…(Photo courtesy of YM)

Spotted Gabriel Urist heading in…

On my way out the line is still so damn long!!

Minya/Miss Info with Stash and others…

Had dinner with YM, Kiko, Mimi & Hawaii Mike @ Chinatown Brasserie – thanks Mimi for the dinner!

Called it a night…”Trust No Bitch” tee – Courtesy of DimePiece, thank you!


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