Kate Moss Topshop A/W ’07 Arrives Friday – Sep 7th!

Kate Moss Topshop A/W ’07 Arrives Friday – Sep 7th!

Thursday, September 6, 2007 by Wendy Lam

Late last month I posted a preview of the collection, this morning I just received an email reminder that the Kate Moss Topshop A/W ’07 collection arrives this Friday, September 7th. Though I need to say I’m not as excited as the first time the collection released, not because the line isn’t nice…just sorta lost interest perhaps? Or may be because there’s so many more collaborations waiting to be released I’ve been a bit more patient rather than trying to buy right away.

Well for the readers that are psyched about this, you can browse the collection at www.katemosstopshop.com now. I did find a few pieces that interests me, like the Black Biker Jacket, Chiffon Tied Neck Blouse and the Floral Smock Dress but I doubt I’ll be buying anything. Do you like the first collection more or this one?


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