Jessica Simpson Shoes: Roxi

Jessica Simpson Shoes: Roxi

Thursday, September 6, 2007 by Wendy Lam

In addition to the Jessica Simpson shoes I received back in July, this past weekend I received another gift box! Thanks to the Jessica Simpson Footwear crew, especially CARL, for sending these cute shoes over! In the package I received a pair of Roxi (Black Patent) t-strap sandals, they are real cute. I’ll be sure to post pics when I rock them, JS shoes are actually pretty comfy, but don’t get me wrong I can’t walk in them for HOURS, may be an hour or two. Heels are never super comfy for me, they are just to look pretty in haha. Like I always say, a gurl can never get enough shoes, keep ’em coming! Thank you!

If you guys like JS shoes, you should check out, they carry most of the styles! Anyone own any JS shoes? If yes, which ones?


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