H&M Luv #88 – 08.29.2007

H&M Luv #88 – 08.29.2007

Thursday, September 6, 2007 by Wendy Lam

5th Ave & 51st Street – Flagship Store
640 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY 10019

The weather is still warm but I’m already racking in a lot of coats and sweaters! After seeing the campaign pics for H&M Autumn/Winter ’07 I’ve been keeping an eye out for this coat (also comes in grey), its so fab! I copped both the black and grey, but I’m thinking of returning one, they both look so good, I’m leaning more toward the grey b/c it doesn’t collect any lint, especially when I have two dogs and one of them is white! What do you guys think keep the black or grey, perhaps keep both? HELP! On the side note, the bronze leggings finally came out, it costs $24.90, of course I copped one!

Also has anyone seen this and this yet at the stores yet? I haven’t and I want those shoes!

More pics after the jump…


$129.00 – Grey – Keep the grey or the black?

$129.00 – Black – Keep the black or the grey?

Lots of this purple/blue at H&M lately, I like!

Limited edition t-shirts by Cassandra Rhodin, Cecilia Carlstedt, and Fredrik Tjernström – not too familiar with who is who and what is what but I got myself one, its super cute!

$24.90 – finally the bronze leggings!


there’s a few more designs but i didn’t capture all of them…cute but i HATE cap sleeve shirts, so I had to pass!

comes in a grey/white also…

comes in a variety of other colors…

comes in an orangey color also

also comes in black


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