MTA Drama – Part 2

MTA Drama – Part 2

Tuesday, September 4, 2007 by Wendy Lam

I seriously got off the wrong side of the bed today! More drama to share with you guys, I know you guys luv it haha, even if you guys don’t you gotta hear me out! I was refreshed and ready to start blogging since there was long weekend, until this drama happened! MTA has seriously need to get their act up, they are constantly having problems and it aint even raining today. Got on the train this morning and I thought I was lucky b/c there was a B/D train waiting at the station so I quickly hopped on. After mins there was an announcement saying there’s a switch malfunction at 59th St station so we’ll be held at the station. Then 30 mins has passed, still not moving. Then finally we started moving but for a few steps, we didn’t even make it to Broadway/Lafeyette and we were held at the station AGAIN! Then another announcement came up saying we should get on the V/F train across the platform, as we approached Broadway/Lafeyette. Everyone ran across to the V train and when we got there, they announced that there is a delay again, for another 5 mins we all waited patiently until another announcement was given.

Guess what?  We all had to run back to the B/D train where it all started, now thinking the service has resumed we got to W4th St and was told that it was the LAST STOP DUE TO MALFUNCTION AT 59TH ST STATION! God lord, we’ve been playing musical chairs for over an hour…It took over just about 1.5 hours to get to work when it normally takes under 30 mins! I was so ready to call out, but there was no service in the train stations and we were locked in the cars! Frustrated!


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