Outfit 08.17.2007 ~ Running Around!!

Outfit 08.17.2007 ~ Running Around!!

Monday, August 20, 2007 by Wendy Lam

It was a busy busy day on Friday night, had to run so many errands and it had to rain while I was out! Stopped by ALIFE to pick up my PUMA x ALIFE First Rounds (did any of you lovely chicas cop a pair?), saw like four people waiting in the rain at about 6:30pm already, after that headed to Queens to get some docs signed. Had dinner at a lil spot in Flushing, it was not bad (review to come). Then, I had to stopby Pathmark to pick up some stuff for home, per Drucker’s request I went to the canned soup aisle to get my outfit shot (haha)! I luv luv luv my metallic Air Max 1s!! One more pic after the jump…

quick shot in queens after dinner…


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