Outfit 08.16.2007 ~ Yankees vs. Tigers Game

Outfit 08.16.2007 ~ Yankees vs. Tigers Game

Friday, August 17, 2007 by Wendy Lam

A big thank you to Kristen over at adidas for inviting me to watch the Yankees vs. Tigers game last night at the Yankees Stadium. It was my first live baseball game and I had a blast, she def is trying to get me into sports haha! First we met up and went up to the adidas suite, it was like a reunion of the bloggers there haha. Yu-Ming, Gabriel Urist, Hawaii Mike, Sky, etc. was there too. Grabbed some grub and then was told by Kristen that adidas have 4 front row tickets! We alternated and had our time down in the front row, it was A-MAZING! It totally changed my perspective of baseball haha! Def had a great time and hope to do it again someday! BTW, Yankees lost to Tigers – 8:4.

Peep the pics after the cut…

just arrived…damn!

up in the adidas suite, acting like i know what’s going on in the game haha, ya’ll see the rash on my face…poor me got allergies!

hawaii mike getting drunk already haha jk

on my way out to the field…

feels good to see the game with no heads in front of me!

Gabriel Urist & Yu-Ming

Yu-Ming and I reppin’ adidas haha!

cutie Kristen and me

after the game…heading home!

T-Shirt: Hellz Bellz x In4mation
Jeans: Seven by All Mankind
Bag: Chanel Cambon Ligne
Kickz: adidas x Yohji Yamamoto Mangostin
Earrings: I made it myself


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