Louis Vuitton Pre-Fall ’07 Collection Preview

Louis Vuitton Pre-Fall ’07 Collection Preview

Tuesday, August 14, 2007 by Wendy Lam

Dress, about $2100 | Grey Jacket, about $2700

Fall is just around the corner, but during the interim designers tend to release a pre-fall collection in preparation for it. I am loving all the grey this season, this grey Louis Vuitton jacket on the model is soooooo cute, but I don’t think I can actually splurge about $2700 for a jacket as of now haha. The cutting of the collection is very feminine…I’m so ready for fall…more pics after the jump… 

Top, about $1500 | Cashmere Cardigan, about $745

Top, about $1650 | Ruffles Cardigan, about $2100 | Skirt, about $1800

Headband, about $240 | Dress, TBD

Monogram bag, about $2700

Monogram bag, about $2300

Black Patent Monogram bag, about $1500

Shoes, about $890

Shoes, about $1340

Cashmere Gloves & Arm Warmers, about $600

Pink Bracelet, about $600 | Pink Earrings, about $365 | Silver/Ivory Bracelet, about $680

Photography: Ricky Chan
Model: Severa M. of Elite HK


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