MTA Drama…

MTA Drama…

Wednesday, August 8, 2007 by Wendy Lam


Just need to vent a lil…last night’s storm was just horrible, got woken up a few times from the roaring thunder and rain. My dogs got scared and started crying, so I was half awake with my eyes closed trying to get more sleep in before I had to wake up for work. By 7am my alarm buzzed and I thought it was 1pm so I rushed up thinking I was super late but in reality I wasn’t. Got ready and jetted, super muggy outside and I was feeling tipsy.

Got to the train station and there were a swarm of people waiting for the train, boiling in the station and everyone was sweating so it was stinking from rain water and sweaty people. Waited for about 20-30 mins and a train finally arrives, everyone tries to squish in but to make matters worst there was NO AC!!! Everyone was sticky and complaining and to top things off the ceilings started dripping water, great! After awhile everyone including myself gave up and just had to suck it up, but the train had to stop at every station for 5 mins or so, damn I was late already! Arrived at work 30 mins late and still feeling tipsy at the moment, I feel like I’m a walking zombie…hate this feeling. This is ridiculous! I don’t want to do anything but get some ZZZ!

Damn, some of my co-workers just strolled in, they was on the train for 3 HOURS!!! Anyways, that’s some crazy ish, read the news here.


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