The Great American Health Bar – 07.17.2007

The Great American Health Bar – 07.17.2007

Monday, August 6, 2007 by Wendy Lam

The Great American Health Bar
35 W 57the Street
New York, NY 10019

The Scene
During lunch time, the restaurant gets jam packed with suits and shoppers ordering food to stay and to go. If you plan on getting take-out, be sure to order at least 15 mins prior to pick-up, they are really tied up and you can be standing there waiting for your order for quite awhile. The restaurant looks like a bus (to me) with seats going in a straight line, there are more seating in the back of the restaurant which is always full.

I was craving for some tuna melt so opted for this “healthy” spot, the portions are HUGE…I def could of shared this with my friend. We both ordered our own orders and regret b/c we both managed to only eat half the sandwich, it is best to share at this restaurant. The Tuna Melt is quite good here, you’ll def get a mouth full they are not cheap on that. The fries are called “Light French Fries” but I don’t taste any difference. Not a restaurant I crave for often, but if I feel like going healthy, I’ll def cop a sandwich here. Peep my lunch after the jump…

this reminds me of a bus haha

Healthy Sandwiches – The Tuna Melt: The Whitest Tuna Fish Salad on Toasted Whole Wheat Bread with American Cheese and Tomato $7.95

Light French Fries $3.95


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