Old Navy Babydoll Fleece Coats

Old Navy Babydoll Fleece Coats

Thursday, August 2, 2007 by Wendy Lam

As I was heading towards H&M at 34th Street yesterday, I peeked inside of Old Navy and saw a lot of people surrounding the racks so I decided to step in and see what’s the fuss. Ahh…I was so happy to have done so b/c I picked up these cutesy Old Navy Babydoll Fleece Coats in every color (black, ivory, grey and olive green), they were just $34.50 each and do these look familiar to you? Yes, they are certainly knock-offs of the sought after Mike & Chris Bailey I’ve been feening for since last year, but of course the “bubble” look wasn’t carried over, a bit disappointed but can’t complain for paying a fraction of the price. I’ll prolly have B’s mom work her magic! There were practically no x-smalls and smalls left on the racks, I managed to grab the olive green in a small (not available online) and I copped the rest of the colors online just now. I can’t wait to get them, I can def use these a lot…more pics after the jump…

> Cop it: Old Navy Babydoll Fleece Coats – search “507206012”

Medium Heather Grey

Olive Green – not available online


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