Forever 21 Finds – 08.01.2007

Forever 21 Finds – 08.01.2007

Thursday, August 2, 2007 by Wendy Lam

Plaid Jumpsuit $22.80

Decided to do my rounds at 34th Street yesterday, stopped in Forever 21 to check out what’s new and as usual there were a swarm of people in there shopping after work like me. I strolled through the ground level and picked up three berets in lilac, white and teal (forgot to take pictures) and also a cute plaid jumpsuit that I spotted on the mannequin, good deal too! Then headed to the second floor to the shoe section, there I found a cute pair of gold pumps, there was also a pair of teal flats that I wanted too but they ran out of my size…I’ll check back! At least I didn’t leave empty-handed! More pics after the jump…

gold pumps – forgot how much but it was cheap

I wanted to get these but they didn’t have any in my size…


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