Keep on HATIN’…Part 2

Keep on HATIN’…Part 2

Sunday, July 29, 2007 by Wendy Lam

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that’s right nitro, i’m afraid to let you know who i am, in fear that you will show up to my house dressed like a fat fobby circus performer. scared, indeed. i’m not hating because i’m jealous, or because i’m bored (…hm), i just wonder how someone like yourself who basically represents a lifestyle of sloppy consumption gets to be as successful as you are and have so many blind supporters… and it is simply because america is full of idiots like yourself, people who will tell you that your fat, or perhaps big boned ass is not so, and will make you feel better about yourself only so that they can feel better about themselves.

WOW! viv is back, bigger and badder…oh snap! After round one, she’s back for more…everyone should check out what she’s gotta say, its very amusing…better than the ones she wrote before. I’ve never claimed to be successful in anyway, but viv thinks I am, perhaps I really am haha *blush*…anyways?! If I’m so successful I must be doing something right, right? My blog is functioned as an online diary for myself to keep track of my personal life, etc. Haters can certainly hate on me but no need to call my readers “idiots”, that’s so rude. PLEASE who do you think you are, ain’t no one gonna waste their time showing up at your crib. Keep HATIN’!


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