Access Denied

Access Denied

Wednesday, July 25, 2007 by Wendy Lam

For those that said they were seeing the images with “Access Denied” text on my blog, here’s the response from my server tech:

I just checked some of the logs. I found the IP address of the people who posted saying that they could not view the images, and checked their access history on your site.  The only time that they have been fed the “Access Denied” image is through the Google Reader or other RSS readers.  The problem is, once they view it through Google Reader or other RSS readers, their browser caches the “Access Denied” image, so when they visit the site, their browser just continues to show that image.  If they hit “refresh” the images should show up correctly, but that all depends on their browser.

The reason I have hotlink enabled is because people were linking my images to their websites/blogs directly and feeding off my bandwidth. After I enabled it they will have “Access Denied” text on my images on their site, basically all images linked off my blog on to another location will have that appear. For my readers that use RSS readers, to avoid this problem please visit the blog directly to avoid seeing that again. So far I have had 3 readers approach me on this, hopefully this will clear things up! Keep supporting!


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