Woo Lae Oak – 06.29.2007

Woo Lae Oak – 06.29.2007

Tuesday, July 24, 2007 by Wendy Lam

Woo Lae Oak
148 Mercer St
New York, NY 10012

The Scene
As familiar to paparazzi as it is to lovers of good food, Woo Lae Oak has basked in its share of the media spotlight. The loft space–angles of metal and granite warmed by exposed brick–has four sections: a bar that doubles as a coat room, a long dining room housing the open kitchen, banquettes separated by gauzy golden dividers, and a hideaway tatami space upstairs. Servers are informed and polite, even on noisy weekend evenings. – Citysearch

I’ve been to Woo Lae Oak quite a few times before I started blogging, this is the first time since my blog that I’ve been there, been a hot min so decided to hit up this spot with Jeannie and Tiff. Korean BBQ is great there and the best thing is that you won’t smell like restaurant after your meal because the vents are on the grill, therefore no smoke rises…it just gets suctioned in while you cook. The ambiance is very chill and relaxed, but the price is not that cheap. The funny thing about this spot is that all the waiters are Caucasian, I find it funny because the usual spots I dine for Korean BBQ are usually Asian haha…but they’re just as knowledgeable, no worries. I def recommend this spot, its in Soho so you shop you can stop in and eat but be sure to make reservations, they get real packed during the weekends! Peep the meal after the jump…


Jap Chae, Stir-fried Glass Noodles in assorted Vegetables $12

see the holes on the grill, that’s the vents…

Dak, Free Range Chicken Breast $22

Kal Bi, Boneless Beef Short Rib $24

Bul Go Gi, Sliced Beef Rib Eye $24

comes with a pot of rice


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