Coluck – 06.24.2007

Coluck – 06.24.2007

Friday, July 20, 2007 by Wendy Lam

16 Elizabeth Street
New York, NY 10013

The Scene
Inside the Elizabeth Street tunnel, across the street from the 5th Precinct usually very stinky in the tunnel from all the garbage. This is one of the OG Hong Kong style “diners” in Chinatown.

This used to be a hotspot back in my high school days for me and my friends, but as we grew older we couldn’t stand the bad service there. This spot is also nicknamed – Tunnel because its inside a tunnel, there’s still a lot of high school students that roll in after school, so it gets pretty packed. Coluck is known for their bad service, I mean bad, I don’t know anyone that have eaten there said their customer service was good. They are extremely rude and they know it too, its like they’re given permission to be rude there haha! The food is decent and super cheap that’s what brings the customers back. I don’t mind this spot once in awhile but if you don’t have the patience and got a hot temper, DON’T go there, you don’t want to fight with them and have them spit in your food haha (not saying they will, but you never know what they do inside the kitchen). Peep the lunch I had with B and my Bro after the jump…

Logan Icee – luv’s it…it’s like slushy with canned Logan

French Fries

Me: Coluck Fried Chicken on Rice (I believe that’s the name, I order in Cantonese all the time haha) – one of my favorite dishes there…

B: “Three Treasure on Rice” (translated from Chinese) Coluck Triple on Rice – Pork Chop, Chicken and Egg over Fried Rice – pretty good…

Bro: Oxtail Stew on Rice – my bro loves this dish…


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