Handbag Galore…

Handbag Galore…

Thursday, July 19, 2007 by Wendy Lam

Chanel Paris-Biarritz, about $2100

Women can never ever get enough handbags, from expensive to cheap, if its “IT” we fall head over heels and will do anything to try to get it to satisfy our “needs”. The latest phenomena is the $15 Anya Hindmarch I’m Not A Plastic Bag tote which got the world’s attention. Trying to obtain one is quite difficult unless you’re willing to pay inflated prices for it on eBay or wait overnight, or in SE Asia two nights prior to the launch. Now that the bags have been sold out at Whole Foods we can go on and think about something else. I’m really liking this new green Chanel Paris-Biarritz bag, its so playful and best of all BIG enough to carry all my junk. The Fendi Pillow bag is quite interesting too, there’s just something intriguing bout it, perhaps it looks like a vintage bag. There’s plenty of bags below for different people’s taste, peep them after the jump…

Anya Hindmarch

about $1200

A Lautner Bag, about $1200 | B Luce Clutch, about $400 | C Annalisa Pumps, about $540

Shoulder Mackeson Bag, about $1200

Ossie Bag, about $1270

Small Elrod, about $1200

about, $1270

Bottega Veneta Bag, about $1925

L: Prada Glace Zippers, about $2365 | R: Miu Miu Vitello Lux, about $1150

Mulberry Ledbury, about $1020

Yves Saint Laurent Down Town with Lock, about $1665

Marc by Marc Jacobs Dr. Q Delancey, about $870

D&G Allyson, about $1170

Roger Vivier

Patent Leather Bag, about $1700

Armor Armor Clutch, about $2600

Swiss Chocolate Clutch, about $1700 | Rose ‘n’ Roll Sandals, about $1350

Fury Pillow Bag, about $9200 | Fury Cache Coeur Booties, about $1570

Fendi Pillow, about $3185

Louis Vuitton Monogram Neverfull, (big) about $660, (small) about $580

Loewe Nappa Aire, about $1285

Coach Abbey, about $1100

Chloe Kerala, about $965

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